14 Feb 2023   |  Jennifer

Regenerative Medicine For Herniated Disc

Your spinal column is made up of vertebrae which are connected with each other. Intervertebral discs, which are located between each segmental level starting in your neck and extending all the way to your lower back, act as a durable and resilient cushion to safeguard your spine while providing a wide range of motion. These discs protect spinal nerves and can absorb a significant amount of strain applied to the spine.

Age-related deterioration or a severe back injury may cause a disc to herniate. As a result, the outer layer of the disc tears, and the inside portion (nucleus) protrudes. A herniated disc can press on or irritate nerves, resulting in pain, numbness, or weakness. Non-surgical treatments are provided at Dallas Back Clinics which can relieve herniated disc pain.

Back disc pain relief

Treatments for Herniated Disc

  • Ozone injections :- Three oxygen atoms combine to form the colorless gas known as ozone (O3). When injected, it works by reducing herniated disc size and relieves pressure on the spine. Unlike surgery, they do not lessen the height of the disc or change its normal structure. They improve the disc’s long-term health by stimulating the cells in the annulus, which increases and may be able to repair the tear that causes a herniation. Also, it instructs your body's own stem cells to move to the affected area :-

    • Ozone enhances cells’ ability to cope with oxidative damage.
    • Ozone reduces inflammation.
    • Ozone improves blood circulation.
    • Ozone increases lymphatic damage.

    Unlike invasive surgery, ozone disc injections do all this without causing significant strain on your body or modifying your anatomy. Treatment is as successful as surgery but doesn’t have any side effects.

    Ozone disc injection therapy has no known serious side effects or long-term problems, making it a same-day outpatient procedure with less or no recovery time than spine surgery. After the procedure, you can return to your home and continue normal activities the next day. Start light exercises within a week and gradually proceed to normal exercise.

  • Herniated disc relief
  • Stem cell treatment :- Your body has unique cells called stem cells, that are innately capable of helping your body in healing itself. Regenerative stem cells move to the injured part of the body after an injury to help repair the damage. Hence, stem cells may be able to repair a damaged disc, restore its functionality, rehydrate the disc, and reduce discomfort.

    Unlike post-invasive surgery, post-management care for stem cell therapy does not require medication. However, the doctor may recommend some supplements to heal the damage quickly. You can return to your normal activities after 2-3 days of stem cell treatment. To avoid injuring the treated herniated disc, one should move carefully and avoid making any rapid movements.

    After receiving the stem cell injections, you would require routine physical therapy exercises to improve the balance and strength of the muscles supporting your core and spine. Don’t put excessive pressure on the treated area for a few days.

  • Other treatments :- Many other treatments are available that help maintains your lifetime spinal health. You can enhance cellular health, which helps maintain the overall health of your spine and prevents herniated discs.