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What’s the Right Way to Exercise After Spine Treatment?

Getting back into normal life after critical surgery or treatment can be hard. The patient can get eager and take impulsive decisions to perform daily activities right away and that can be dangerous for his life. It is important to take the required recovery time and get things done slowly.

Spine surgery can be minor to major. Minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) is performed on the bones of the back and uses a smaller incision than standard surgery and is considered minor surgery while during major surgery the parts of the bone, bone spurs or ligaments in the back are removed.

Dallas Back Clinics along with many of its services also offers physical therapy under which we cover post-surgery physical activities like spine surgery.

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What are the exercises that a patient can perform after Spine Surgery?

  • Walking exercise :- Although walking is all time recommended exercise and does not need specific approval. It requires basic and minimal force from the body and does not exert any pressure. Walking improves blood flow.
  • Leg raising :- It is performed by lying on the floor and then slowly raising one leg at a time while the other one is bent from the knee. It strengthens the core.
  • Bridging exercise :- This exercise is good for strengthening the main muscle of the posterior chain. Performed while lying on the floor along with bent knees. Now, slowly start raising your hips in alignment with your shoulders and knees. Keep this position for a few seconds and then repeat.
  • Wall squats :- Wall squats can be beneficial for a back rehabilitation program and also do not cause stress on the lower back. Even though it is important to take the surgeon’s advice. For this, take a chair-like position beside a wall for a few seconds or a minute.
  • Ankle pump :- Improves blood circulation. To do it, sit on the floor extending your legs straight. Now slowly start moving your ankles back and forth. Repeat this exercise at least 10 to 20 times.
  • Heel slides :- Heel slide is recommended by many physicians as it helps in regaining range of motion by stretching the muscle on the top of the thigh. You can perform it many times in a day with repetition.
  • Hamstring stretch :- Hamstring stretch exert force in the area below your hips. For this, lie down on the back with bent legs. Now raise your one leg straight towards yourself then slowly release it and also feel the stretch while doing it.
  • Yoga :- Yoga is not just a stretch it includes a variety of postures that can be used after spine surgery and meditation is also helpful in reducing anxiety. Yoga helps to calm down your nerves and improves mobility.

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What can be the right way of doing exercise after spine surgery?

To do any exercise after surgical treatment it is advised to take suggestions beforehand from your doctor or physician. Cause after critical treatment, there are some physical activities that are restricted and no longer suggested to you. A physician will suggest to you the right kind of exercises as well as how to perform them in the right way.

As far as we understood different types of exercises. Dallas Back Clinics is specialized in prescribing the most suitable method to perform physical activities after the surgery. Now let's see the right method to perform them.

  • Mandatory to follow physician's advice :- To avoid further injury in the treated area it is really important to follow the guidance of your physician or physical therapist. They know the exact techniques through which you can do the exercise correctly. Also, they are aware of your full medical condition and procedure, hence will suggest you related and suitable process.
  • Having patience :- Getting impulsive after treatment to go back into normal life can be dangerous and can cause permanent damage in your treated area. It is normal to feel weak after surgery and while doing any exercise. For example, you can be impatient while performing any set of exercises, and being unable to stretch more can cause you irritation. This is the time when you need to be patient and have faith in yourself.
  • Stop when pain is unbearable :- Pain can be unbearable if you perform the activity excessively. Do not perform the exercise if you start feeling any kind of pain anywhere. Talk to your physician so that they can guide you according to the condition of your spine.


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