11 Feb 2023   |  Jennifer

How To Relieve Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is common. The lower back is not as well supported as the upper back because its primary source of support is the body's core muscles. The lower back is one of the first and most frequent victims of a sedentary lifestyle as well as decades of demanding manual activity. Back discomfort affects four out of every five Americans, regardless of gender or background. Read the full blog to know how to alleviate back pain.

Back pain treatment

What causes back pain?

One reason is aging as our spine naturally weakens and the lower back may be more vulnerable to injury due to improper posture or shearing forces. Poor lifestyle choices can accelerate things, causing the force-absorbing discs between our joints to dry out and raising the possibility of bone fractures as a result of loss of bone density. Although maintaining an active lifestyle and eating a nutritious diet can slow these losses and lower risk, age does have an impact on the back.

An inactive lifestyle is another reason. Move as much as you can. Sitting too much may cause sciatica-like symptoms and nerve compression. Increasing the number of steps you take each day can help prevent back injuries and speed up the healing of aching back muscles.

If you are obese, extra weight puts pressure on the spine and stresses the back. Conditions such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, compression fracture, spinal stenosis, herniated discs, and spondylolisthesis affect the back.

How to get rid of back pain?

It is difficult to identify the cause of back pain as sometimes the reason for your future back pain may remain unnoticed for months. One bad twist or getting out of bed the wrong way is all it takes to trigger the discomfort.

Home remedies are available for back pain. Managing pain doesn't always mean treating the source of the problem but addressing the pain itself, so other therapies that might address the underlying cause can be incorporated without causing any discomfort in the long run.

You should consult a healthcare professional or visit us for back pain relief.

Why does back pain get worse at night?

If your pain gets worse in the morning, change the way you sleep. If sleeping on your side causes your spine to bend in a way that aggravates a swollen disc or pinched nerve, it may make your lower back pain worse. Sleeping on your stomach can put your neck in an uncomfortable position, which can affect the rest of your back. The wrong mattress can also affect the back.

One solution is to sleep on your back and place a cushion under your legs to reduce lower back pain.

Lower back pain relief

How to reduce lower back pain?

Do simple exercises. You may safely strengthen your back muscles by allowing your back to move through pain-free ranges of motion. Your tolerance will gradually improve and the increased blood flow to the area around your back discomfort may accelerate recovery.

Be active

Complete bed rest is not advised for back pain, light or gentle exercises are recommended. Go for a walk. If you work in an office, get up from your desk at least twice an hour, and take a short walking break or do some stretches.

Back pain can have many different causes and the majority of them cannot be ruled out without a thorough and individualized examination. Although back pain resolves on its own, sometimes back problems may persist or worsen over time. Depending on the underlying cause, severity, and unique factors, your doctor will assess the treatment choices if it gets worse. Some examples of treatment are spinal cord stimulation, vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty, and peripheral nerve stimulator.

Consult the expert of Dallas Back Clinics if you have been experiencing lower back pain for multiple weeks or if it has become considerably worse.